What is FBHcontrol?

FBHcontrol is the only tool that combines a METHOD and a SOFTWARE, tested and tuned by experts in the hospitality industry,
for the precise control of your inventory

  • FBHcontrol is a method that is accompanied by a very robust SaaS (software as a service) platform with a 25-year track of successful installations.

  • We have been professors and academic researchers, providing unparalleled robustness to the software.

  • We use our exclusive PLT (Product Linking Technology) process which simplifies recipe management, suppliers, units of measurement, in a way unmatched by other products of the competition

Operating scheme

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Configurable interface

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Company History

Back in the early '90s, the restaurant industry was flourishing, successful entrepreneurs were anxious to learn about the business. However, they didn't have many places to get this real practical knowledge. That is when we decided to start a consulting practice. We started organizing a full course on Restaurant Chain Management and invited many restaurant owners and C level executives. As the years went by, we trained more than 3,000 executives. As to related with these companies, we found out that one of the biggest unsolved needs were solutions for control and inventory management since the ones available had too many deficiencies. So we then started developing a software to solve the need for our consulting clients. Our product, TCR, was very successful from the very beginning and since 1996 we have released 12 versions of the product, which is now known as FBHcontrol. We have become the option of choice to replace the back office solution provided by mayor POS brands, such as Oracle-Micros, NCR-Aloha, Aldelo, PixelPoint, Squirrel, and similar.

Our Customers