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Technology Developers

FBHcontrol is a software that emerged from a method of control. It does not copy other tools but creates a new one that responds to the needs and specific demands of the hospitality sector

Exclusive Processes

FBHcontrol has its own technology PLT (Product Linking Technology) which simplifies the data base management. By using artificial intelligence, the software is able to correct common mistakes without interfering with the operation

Rapid, Reliable and Varied Reports

It generates a great variety of types of reports, which are delivered in a matter of seconds

Effectiveness and Robustness

FBHcontrol has unrivaled robustness, with successful installations for more than 25 years and very high levels of loyalty and permanence of its customers. It is a product with the highest reliability and effectiveness

Cloud Services

FBHcontrol is available from anywhere, 24 hrs, 365 days of the year. This facilitates the centralization of the information, improving the management of your business

Support and Security

FBHcontrol has a strong support department, with prompt answers. Its servers are certificated in SSL security to protect traffic information

System Modules and Features



Manage purchases orders from vendors, main office or Distribution centers, easy invoice input, manages all purchasing process and adjustment in different values between purchase order, invoicing and receiving of the items and reporting



Sales input in different ways from a manual procedure or interfaces with most POS systems or import from .cvs or .txt files



Allows transfer management between distribution center, production facilities, and stores or between stores     



Allows you to generate orders between stores, Distribution centers. Central consolidation and production scheduling                            



Manage and consult recipes, sub-recipes, groupings and many options to deplete used inventory                            



Manage your inventories. Let the software calculate your needs and trigger a complete procedure from placing the purchase order and control the automated input to minimize user intervention. Download the FBHcontrol app for Android or iOS, for quick inventory count sheets



Allows product transformation when a recipe is not available, helping with vendor control and yield management                                     



Tracks the production of in-house productions controlling recipes, pricing, and yield management                                              

control reports

Control Reports

FBHcontrol produces a variety of reports that let you track in a very simple way Waste, Product Losses, Real vs Theoretical Cost, Over/Short, Total Cost Percentages, and instant overall views of the Total picture of your operation        

Why is FBHcontrol so Good?

We are consultants in Management and Operations, for that reason we know the specific needs of the administration of the Food and Beverage businesses.

As leaders and experts in inventory control, loss prevention and profit optimization, we have created tools and methods using artificial intelligence that makes us UNIQUE when it comes to delivering results.

FBHcontrol is a tool designed to accommodate any type of business in the food and beverage industry, from independent operations to the largest hotel or restaurant chains and multi-concept operations. Can be connected to any ERP to supplement the overall information management.
If the client follows all our recommendations and FBHcontrol does not consistently deliver the cost summary report, it guarantees the return of your money. No other company in the hospitality industry can make this offer of FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE*.
*Conditions apply.

Full Satisfaction Guarantee

If the client follows all our recommendations and FBHcontrol does not consistently deliver the cost summary report, it guarantees to return your money. No other company in the hospitality industry offer this FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE (Conditions apply*)


FBHcontrol has as a company vision to help our clients to turn their business more profitable, focusing our efforts in controlling the losses. In the process of adapting the tool, the user receives the instructions and the necessary recommendations for its implementation, which implies a coordinated work in the fulfillment of the times and execution plans. If the customer follows all our recommendations and FBHcontrol does not consistently deliver the cost summary report, it is guaranteed to return your money.
1) The user must follow the implementation process step by step, according to the instructions provided.
2) The user must perform the recommended routine and cyclical operations.
3) The user must make the corrections that the same program suggests and indicates.
4) The user must follow up on the control panel.

Following these steps and routines, the software should produce a consistent report of the cost summary that shows an “x-ray” of the state of the operation. In order for this report to be consistent, all the software's operation must function at a hundred percent, which gives a full guarantee of the accuracy and reliability of the tool.

Our Customers

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FBHcontrol offers different channels where you can contact us, write to our email sales@restaurantauditor.com We also invite you to subscribe to our support website www.restaurantauditor.com or if you want you can call +877 324-6380. visit us also on facebook