Want To Sell FBHcontrol?

The only software tool in the market with a proven track record providing consistent, accurate and reliable management information for the hospitality industry. Fast and easy to implement. Interfaces with any POS.

Inventory management and cost control is not an easy task in the hospitality industry. Although it is common to find inventory software tools offered by most POS system companies, our 30+ years of field experience has shown us the very limited functionality and accuracy of most of them. The high levels of frustration of restaurant, bar and hotel owners and managers finally find a dynamic, rigorous, and reliable software when they come to FBHcontrol. Our studies have shown that FBHcontrol meets their expectations. Our relationship with our clients has been proved in multiple scenarios; not only because they stay with us for an extended number of years using our product with high satisfaction levels, but also because they come back to us after testing different alternatives that DON'T WORK.

FBHcontrol, more than an inventory tool, is a complete business system that centralizes all cost and sales information independently of your POS system. It is not just a software tool. It is a method supported by a very robust software that uses artificial intelligence to avoid human error. This combination of method and software routines, developed over many years of research and analysis, makes FBHcontrol the best tool for the hospitality industry.

FBHcontrol is the ideal partner for your point-of-sale system because it truly works, offering your customers the expected information, freeing you from the usual complaints as an implementer and marketer. When you sell FBHcontrol, you open a door to commercialize your POS products, regardless of whether you are a beginning developer or a distributor of major brands such as Micros, Aloha, NCR, PixelPoint, Aldelo, Squirrel, and many others. It is also the opportunity to approach potential clients who have a POS system of these brands with a poor back-office solution.

Sales proposals:

1 - Finder’s Fee 10% for each client that you present to us, and the negotiation reaches its culmination by our team. We take care of the entire process: demo, installation and assembly, support, training, customer follow-up and billing. We give you 10% one time and only for the business initially presented.

2 - Finder’s Fee Pro 20% per client that you present to us, but with your participation in the demo, in the purchase process, accompanying the client in the assembly and the intermediation between the client and FBHcontrol. 20% is paid only once and only for the business initially presented.

3 - Dealer or Distributor: After 3 sales as finder's fee (10%), 3 sales as finder's fee Pro (20%), in your next sale you will be able to be a FBHcontrol dealer and obtain 30% per client and 30% for the recurring fee: you would oversee the entire process, from the demo, closing the deal, the active and permanent accompaniment of the client, to the direct collection of sales and monthly fees. To maintain your right to be a FBHcontrol dealer, you must sell at least two new deals (new customers) per year. If this is not fulfilled, FBHcontrol will continue to recognize you 10% of the monthly fee.